Ocean Freight Specialists

Mercury Resources has the chartering expertise and the extensive network of cargo and ship brokers to get the right ship for your charter.  Mercury Resources keeps its clients' interests its top priority while negotiating and following through on all shipping agreements.  Mercury Resources works with its clients to ensure that the price of shipping is appropriate and the best value, and Mercury Resources takes care of tracking the shipment to ensure a smooth voyage for the client. 

Bulk Terminals

Mercury Resources assists its clients in identifying reliable storage terminals for petroleum produce, chemicals, and bulk materials such as coke, steel, and agricultural commodities.  Mercury Resources assists its clients in identifying storage terminals with the most advantageous location, and the most reliable reputations for value.  

Mercury Resources specializes in managing the product from the mine site or manufacturing point to the receiving plant, and all stops in between.  Mercury Resources manages cargo for barges, railcars, and trucks, supervises warehousing, on-loading and off-loading, and keeps track of its clients' inventory until delivery worldwide.  Mercury Resources is an essential counterpart in managing its clients' supply chains.  Mercury Resources can help clients also identify alternative or unique cost-saving options for shipping, transportation and distribution as needed.

Inland Logistics Specialists

Mercury Resources assists its clients in obtaining truck support from carrier companies world wide, for local or long haul trips, and fosters strong working relationships with the best trucking companies in each country.  Mercury Resources negotiates for the best shipping rates because of its positive relationships with global trucking companies.  We strive to provide our clients with realist cost estimates so that pricing is not a range, but a tangible figure, and goes out of its way to provide a complete trucking solution to our clients' cargo needs.   

Truck Freight specialists