Mercury Resources, LLC leverages unique and efficient negotiating skills and a team of industry professionals who can resolve nearly any dry cargo issue.  Our staff offers maritime experience, decades of experience in the industry, and 24-hour availability.  

Mercury Resources has carefully developed thriving professional relationships with brokers, shippers, governments, port authorities, buyers and suppliers globally, and will use that network of international points of contact to customize our clients' needs.  

Mercury Resources provides knowledge and expertise in the movement of nearly every dry cargo commodity in the world, and can efficiently identify and secure the appropriate vessels, barges, trains and trucks for each client.  Mercury Resources engages in point-to-point involvement in every project.

What We've Achieved

  • An international reputation for making our client's needs and preferences our first priority
  • An international team based in New York, with global reach, to manage our clients' dry bulk and break-bulk 
  • A multinational network of marine and ground transport firms.
  • Full suite of logistics tools to get dry goods to national or international destinations.
  • Mercury Resources has counted multinational commodities firms and shipping companies as its clients.  
  • Decades of expertise in the metals, steel and commodities industries.